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When we started Moniko, over 10 years ago, we intended to build an online library of all the fabrics that we use, so each fabric has a unique MONI KODE which is written on your product tag.
We didn’t realise that we would ultimately use a few thousand of kimono, and cause an IT issue, so we have had to keep the library offline.  We have kept the records of most fabrics we have used, so if you would like to see the kimono or obi that your product was recrafted from, do get in touch.

Please email your MONI KODE, the 3 or four digit code (i.e. 4346 as shown in the picture above) to  and please send a picture if possible to help us check the Moni Kode).

Please also check out the page - Popular Kimono Fabric Designs Icons and their Meanings.  You should be able to identify most of the icons on the fabric of your product and see some of the meaning behind them.